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The terms and conditions(T&C) in this document or web page govern the use and access of www.theologyassignmenthelp.com or any other product or service that we own. Kindly read and understand them cautiously. By using www.theologyassignmenthelp.com or any of theologyassignmenthelp.com services and products, you fully agree to be bound by the terms and conditions written herein. You hence claim and warrant that you acknowledge absolute legal authority pertaining to these Terms and Conditions as well as to be bound by them.
1. In this User Agreement
Website” refers to the webpages or content published online at www.theologyassignmenthelp.com as well as subdomains thereof, where our services are realized.
We”, “Us”, “Ours”, “Agent”, “Agency”,” theologyassignmenthelp” means theologyassignmenthelp.com; owned and operated by Clay-City Studio and any other products or services that we own.
Support staff”, “Support team”,” Support member” refers to any individual working for theologyassignmenthelp.com who provides communication, customer support or assistance to the users of theologyassignmenthelp.com or any of our services.
Services” refers to the act of helping or doing work.
User”,” You”, “Client” refers to anyone or any legal entity that uses theologyassignmenthelp.com or any of our services that has accepted these Terms and Conditions and has accepted to receive any of our services.
Writer” is any freelance individual hired by theologyassignmenthelp.com to provide writing services based on the client’s demands.
Order” refers to a client’s demand for any of our services placed electronically via a website link from theologyassignmenthelp.com. The order defines the scope of work detailing the client’s requirement or instructions regarding how the client’s wishes the paper to be undertaken.
Product”, “Complete order” refers to the deliverables from our writers which is based on the client’s instructions at the moment of placing an order or after agreement with any of our support staff members.
2. Our Agreement to Act as an Agency
2.1 Theologyassignmenthelp.com acts as an agent where expert or skilled professionals also referred to as writers sell their original work to clients.
2.2 The client engages theologyassignmenthelp to seek an expert for purposes of conducting research work or any other kind of writing task for the customer for a given duration as specified in the order requested by the client as per the provisions of the Terms and Conditions herein.
3. Company’s Responsibility
3.1 theologyassignmenthelp.com has a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism, academic dishonesty and fraud.
3.2 All the Essays, assignments, homework, research papers, thesis, dissertation proposals or any other academic task delivered via theologyassignmenthelp are solely meant to act as guidance to the client regarding how certain academic tasks need to be undertaken. All products or completed orders delivered by our writers are solely intended for research, reference or learning purposes on how to appropriately undertake academic papers or projects through the use of standard or universally accepted citation styles. Information and ideas used from our products should be appropriately referenced.
3.3 theologyassignmenthelp shall by no means be held accountable if any unethical and illegal use of our products, services or content occurs.
3.4 The client agrees that all papers written by our writers are solely owned by theologyassignmenthelp and that payment for a written task just grants the clients read access privileges to the client. The client should not use the papers as is but should rather take effort to re-write, re-phrase or re-format the paper.
4. Placing an order
4.1 You acknowledge that the email provided during the process of placing an order or requesting our services is valid, true or real as we shall send you the product or the completed order to the email that you share with us when placing the order. Specifying an incorrect email address is a violation of our terms and conditions and may result to the delay of services. Consistent patterns of specifying incorrect emails or details by the client may either result to termination of our services to you or been banned from accessing our website or any other service that we own.
4.1.1 All the orders placed at theologyassignmenthelp have a certain volume that is determined by the number of pages. Every page has a word limit of 275 words. All completed orders shall be equal to the amount of words equal to the number of pages requested when placing an order. Should you realize that you have received the wrong order or not received the exact number of words or pages as specified during the place of an order kindly communicate to us through email or through our live support team members within 72 hours (3 days) as we shall not be able to assist you after then.
4.1.2 Changing order instructions. It is your obligation to provide us with the correct order details as the writer working on your paper may not be able to start the paper afresh particularly if the order’s deadline is less than 24 hours. In such a case when you change instructions when the paper’s deadline is less than 24 hours and the writers has written more than half of the paper, we shall send you the already completed paper and a 50% refund for your money. You shall then be prompted to place a new order with the new paper instructions.
4.2 Writer selection. The support team members at theologyassignmenthelp.com are solely responsible for selecting who is to work on the client’s orders. The support team decides which writer is to be assigned work based on the client’s clarification, writer’s skill, the availability of the writer and the nature of orders available to us at any given moment.
4.3 Work progress. You can contact us at any time of the day or night to clarify regarding the progress of your work. Otherwise, we will only communicate a few minutes; 30 minutes or less prior to the deadline of your order.
4.4 We are solely responsible for the delivery of the product as well as meeting the client’s deadline.
4.4.1 It is the client’s responsibility to download the product or completed order from the email that he or she used when placing an order.
4.4.2 Kindly view our money refund policy to view your rights to a refund.
4.5 You shall not be provided with books or articles in their entirety as sources but shall rather have some of the source’s excerpts cited regarding the sourced based on universally accepted standard referencing styles.
5. Order Payment
5.1 When placing an order, it is your responsbile to submit clear and accurate instructions regarding how you would like us to help you. Providing inaccurate details may lead to delays, cancellation of the order and other problems.

5.2 You agree to complete the order process and make the required payment for an expert to start working on your task.
5.3 You can choose any of the payment options provided at the place an order link. We may not accept certain payment options at times and you hence agree to use any of the other options as specified by us.
5.4 Bitcoin and any other form of cryptocurrency payment options are not allowed.
5.5 You are responsible to pay any form of tax that is required of you based on the jurisdiction available or place of residence.

5.6 All clients with writing tasks exceeding 20 pages are entitled to a discount. Kindly consult with the support team to get the discount.

5.7 All coding projects are evaluated by the support staff and prices determined in real time.Each coding project is at least equivalent to 10 pages of written work. The number of pages may increased by 5 pages or more depending on the complexity of the project as determined by the support assistant.
6. Order Revision
6.1 A client has up to 72 hours (3 days) to request for an order revision.
6.2 We may reject or decline multiple revisions if we have sufficient evidence that makes us believe that the client is acting in “unfair manner” that exploits the writer.
6.3 Free amendments are provided by the writers unless our support staff member(s) decline the revision request if the revisions seem to violate the initial order’s instructions or find the revision request unreasonable. At such a point when the revision request has been rejected by the support team members, the customer may be requested to pay additional changes for editing.

6.4 Revisions are delivered uniquely based on the order requirements.
7. Plagiarism
7.1 We do not tolerate plagiarism at theologyassignmenthelp.com or through any other services that we offer. We shall by no means submit you any plagiarized paper and will at all times send you a plagiarism free report accompanying your paper to indicate that the paper is indeed free from plagiarism.
7.2 Neither theologyassignmenthelp.com nor any of our services or affiliates shall be responsible for any unethical, illegal, inappropriate or wrongful use pertaining the products or written material received from our site.
8. Terms of Appointment
8.1 The appointment agreement between the client and theologyassignmenthelp.com shall begin once theologyassignmenthelp.com has received 100% of the required payment for the order.
8.2 The agreement will persist between the client and theologyassignmenthelp until the time period for the assignment and amendment expiries, unless terminated earlier by either party in accordance with these provisions.
9. Use of this website
9.1 You should never use any part of this website for any form of illegal use such as harassing others, defamatory use, threatening, abusing others, obscene use, sharing harmful material or sharing information etc.
9.2 The breach of these terms will result to all consequential costs and responsibilities that may arise from the violation.
9.3 The breach of these terms or any suspicious use that may violate these terms may result to the perpetrator being banned from using our services or henceforth cooperation, fines or other financial implications.

9.4 We do not allow anonymous users on this website and users using VPN to acess this website. Such users may be disconnected and if we have any reason to beleive that a client placed an order anonymously or using VPN services, such orders may be cancelled and the user blocked from using any of our products.
10. Intellectual Property Rights
10.1 After completing payments for your order, theologyassignmenthelp grants you non-exclusive license to use the products or services that you have received from us.
10.2 You are solely responsible for all the losses that we may incur from any of your unauthorized use of theologyassignmenthelp.com services, products or any material that illegally associates us to your actions, products, or services.
10.3 Except as expressly permitted by our terms and conditions or after a prior written mutual agreement, you should not by any means copy, disseminate or download any content of this website.
11. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
11.1 theologyassignmenthelp.com and any other of its services or affiliates are provided as is and do not by any means guarantee that we will meet your exceptions or requirements.
11.2 theologyassignmenthelp is accessed via the World Wide Web that is independent of us. Your use of the internet or the World Wide Web is solely at your own risk as well as subject to all applicable national and international laws and regulations.
11.3 Since theologyassignmenthelp.com products, services or our affiliates may have some hyperlinks associate to third parties, we do not by any means accept any responsibility or liability associated to the third-party websites and resources. Your access and use of third-party content, services, products etc. is your own responsibility and at your own risk. We recommend that you check the website’s policies before visiting them.
11.4 We are by no means liable to any loss or damage that arises as a result of this website’s modification.
11.5 We do not owe you any liability to you or to any other person or entity for any connection linked to:
11.5.1 any sort of phone, electronic, hardware, software, internet, network, or computer damages or malfunction that may occur of any kind.
11.5.2 Delayed transmissions or reception of messages
11.5.3 Conditions beyond our control
11.5.4 Injuries, losses or damages of any nature that may be associated to the use of our services
11.5.5 Typographic or printing errors linked to the use of theologyassignmenthelp.com, our products or services.
11.5.6 Your inability to use the website even for matters beyond our control.
11.5.7 Nothing in these terms is intended to limit liability towards any damage, harm or malfunction that occurs as a result of negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or any other form of liability that may not be limited legally or excluded in a manner that may affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
12. Miscellaneous
Should you breach these terms and conditions and we chose to ignore it, we are still entitled to rely on our rights and policies or terms and conditions for use at a later date when you breach the terms.
13. Notices
Should you wish to notify us of anything, do so in the form of writing. All notices from us will either be updated on the website or emailed.
14. Amendments
14.1 We may change any function on our website and even limit access to certain features and without any prior notice to you or to any third liability associated to us.
14.2 We may from time to time update these terms and we may not notify you regarding the newly updated terms. It is your obligation to continue reading these terms and conditions and keep yourself updated with the most recent terms and conditions from time to time.
15. Feedback
If you have any questions regarding this user agreement or if you wish to report breaches of this user agreement, feel free to contact us in the form of writing to support@theologyassignmenthelp.com or using the messaging feature in our website.

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