Refund Policy

1. It is our responsibility to ensure that completed orders or products are of high quality and that the client’s deadlines are meet. The client is entitled to a full or partial refund under certain circumstances based on our refund policy.
1.1 Please note, that we assess refund requests on a case-by-case basis as there are unique reasons as to why a refund request should be made.
1.2 In the event that the customer is not content with the work in that the product or complete order does not meet the quality standards they have ordered, the client has up to 72 hours to ask for a revision of the paper.
2. When we feel that the paper has been written appropriately, we may be prompted to request for documented proof that indicates that the quality of the complete order is low. Such documented proof may be a scanned copy of your instructor’s feedback or a plagiarism report.  In regards to plagiarism, the only acceptable report is a Turnitin report. After careful evaluation of the proof, we may then submit a partial or full refund based on the nature of dissatisfaction that we find on the paper.
2.1 A 100% refund is only possible under the following circumstances;
a) The order is not assigned to any writer. We will refund your money within 6 hours after placing the order.
b) In the case you have made payment more than once, we will refund you the excess amount.
c) In case the completed order does not match the initial instructions specified when placing the order.
2.2 Partial refunds are possible under the following circumstances
a) A 50% refund is provided when you alert us to stop working on the paper halfway before the deadline.
b) All other partial refunds are determined by our support staff members after evaluating the reasons for the refund. We are always fair to the clients as well as to the writer working on the paper. Accompanying evidence of what the writer has so far written will be sent to you as justification of the writer’s efforts.
3. theologyassignmenthelp is entitled to reject any order and at their discretion, refunding any payment made by the customer in respect to that order.
4. Failure to ask for a revision means that the complete order is fine and that the client is content with the work and hence no refund is possible.
5. No other refund requests or refunds can be made other than those stipulated within the refund policies stipulated herein.

You are not entitled to a Refund if:

  • A lower grade than what was expected is received: Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee high grades. A Product that we provide is tailored as a draft sample only or as a point of reference for research purposes.

  • Delayed payment: If the customer claims that the order has been delayed when the reality is that the payment was also delayed, we shall not bear responsibility for it. Moreover, a refund cannot be requested.

  • Note: in the case of a revision deadline, the previously mentioned delay refunds and the recalculation of the price do not apply as the end dates are different.

  • Editing, proofreading, formatting orders: Please understand that the order you place for the earlier mentioned services contains original content written by you that may contain errors of contextual nature.

  • If the Order is canceled, the Customer is prohibited from using any kind of the products that have been provided before the cancellation. All rights for the copy go back to the company.

  • Refund period has passed: Refunds are available within six months of the original transaction date. If six months had passed since the transaction date, we cannot offer you a refund.

Refund processing

Once you receive the refund confirmation, the company will process it within two days. Please note that the company can not be held responsible for your Bank Transfer fees, transfer anomalies, and/or possible delays occurring due to any Bank service issues.

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